Meet your local area Surveyor: Bath


Third in our series of getting to know our South West Surveyors is, Paul Stevens.

Moving up through Devon and Somerset, next we’re heading slightly more North East to Bath.

We asked Paul a few questions about his background, his work day as a Building Control Surveyor in Bath and surrounding areas, and his client relationships.


Tell us about your work background


“I was first introduced to building in my early teens when I helped my dad, an accountant, knock though a wall. It was a steep learning curve for both of us! 

I’ve worked in all aspects of construction, civils, a spell with the DOE/PSA at the Fire Service College, RAF Fairford and Kemble, looking after runways, aircraft hangers and office accommodation.

I left there to work for a building contractor as a site manager/estimator until the recession killed that off in the early 90’s.

I then went into property maintenance with a housing association and ended up heading up the major improvements team. 

About 15 years ago I entered Building Control and can honestly say it’s the most interesting job I’ve ever had!”


Take us through your typical work day


“It always starts with flicking the kettle on while the laptop boots up!

Normally I will have planned my route the day before bearing in mind any timed visits that I have, so I check my emails and phone to see if there’s anything urgent or any cancellations that I will need to deal with before setting out. 

I’m then off to site to do my visits, I write them up on our site app together with taking photos of all relevant areas. 

Once back in the office I deal with any telephone messages or requests for contacts, then email my reports to all relevant parties, deal with emails and check the latest applications for compliance.”


Describe what a successful partnership between yourself and your client looks like


“To me trust is the greatest component to any relationship, and that is a two-way street. I try to deal with any issues on site there and then while we are standing in front of it to allow works to progress without delay. If the defect is purely an error I generally accept photographs of it rectified, or if more significant or a life safety I will revisit.

Keeping appointments is key, as we are all busy. Each partnership is different, people work in different ways and there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way of achieving the end result. I try to be helpful and positive about my work, and try to be involved in the project rather than be a third party. I always adapt my approach to the needs of the client, I think that the fact that several previous clients from other employments have taken the trouble to track me down, bears testament to the fact that this approach works.”


Tell us about the types of projects you have worked on in your area


“I have worked on:

  • New warehouse/commercial units
  • New market housing
  • One off new builds
  • Commercial refits
  • Conversion of buildings into HMOs
  • Extensions
  • Loft conversions
  • Refurbishments
  • Structural openings
  • Window replacements

The full range of projects really!”


Tell us about you, what do you get up to outside of work?


“When I’m not at work I can generally be found working on our latest house renovation, we did say no more after the last but I can’t resist a challenge, or holding up motorists cycling to a café with my friends!”


We hope you enjoyed getting to know Paul, if you have upcoming projects in Bath and the surrounding area that you would like to discuss with Paul, contact him on or 01275 848228.