Registered Building Control Approver

What is a Registered Building Control Approver?

A Registered Building Control Approver provides an alternative to Local Authority Building Control and are authorised under the Building Act 1984 to carry out the Building Control function in England and Wales.

This means that we can become involved if the works undertaken on your project are controllable under the Building Regulations, unless the project is a High Rise Building (HRB).

Examples of such work are:

  • Erection or extension a Building
  • Installation or extension of a service or fitting which is controlled under the Building Regulations
  • Undertaking alterations involving work that may affect the compliance of an existing service or fitting, whether temporarily or permanently
  • Insertion of insulation into cavity walls
  • Underpinning the foundations of a building
  • Undertaking work to thermal elements, energy status or energy performance of a building
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What does our service include?

As Registered Building Control Approver we:

  • Undertake issuing of Statutory Notices, Consultations and Certification
  • Provide you with a proactive service
  • Aim to ensure that the highest standards are achieved to help ensure the safety and health of people in or around buildings
  • Check design drawings, details and calculations for compliance
  • Consult with the Fire and Water Authorities, as required
  • Undertake site inspections throughout the duration of works
  • Issue a Final Certificate upon successful completion of works

How do we operate?

We will pair you with one of our professionally qualified Registered Building Inspectors based on location and expertise that suit the requirements of your project.

We have worked with high-profile clients on frameworks through to smaller one-off independent construction schemes, so you can be sure that your project will be in good hands.

We work hard to ensure that our Registered Building Inspectors support your projects and believe the value that we add will benefit the whole construction team, whatever your industry or organisation.


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