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Optional requirements

Optional requirements relate to more stringent water efficiency requirements and wheelchair accessibility and is imposed by local planning authorities but implemented through the building control system.

Has planning permission been granted for your project? *
Has a condition of planning permission imposed a requirement to limit water use to no more than 110 litres/per person/ per day? *
Has a condition of planning permission imposed a requirement in relation to Part M? (If yes, which category) *

Installation and connection of communication networks to new dwelling/s

For definitions of communication networks please refer to Approved Document R Volume 1 . 2022 Edition Appendix A

Is each dwelling to be equipped with a gigabit-ready physical infrastructure that extends from a network termination point to a distribution point? *


Where a gigabit-ready physical infrastructure cannot be installed to each dwelling is a high-speed network connection to be installed? *


Where a gigabit-ready or high-speed network cannot be installed is an USO-Standard connection to be installed? *
I agree to your terms of business and confirm on behalf of the client that I would like you to act in your capacity of Approved Inspectors. I have made the client aware of Cook Brown Building Control Ltd being appointed. *

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