Name: Gurpal Virdi

What are the typical daily duties on site for a Building Control Surveyor?
As a Building Control Surveyor, my job role entails providing advice on achieving compliance with the Building Regulations. Primarily working within the residential sector, my duties range from checking plans in accordance with the Approved Documents, undertaking relevant site inspections and producing concise site reports in relation to the work, together with advice on non-compliance items that may arise.

What does your role entail when you are not undertaking site visits?
Typically, when I am not undertaking site inspections, I will be prioritising office duties including registering new application requests, issuing fee proposals on potential schemes, answering technical queries via email or phone calls and carrying out plan checks on drawings for live projects. Working closely with the Birmingham office, I engage in regular training activities and assist colleagues with their day to day tasks.

What are the most challenging aspects of this role?
The most challenging aspects of this role are time management and organisation. Managing a portfolio of projects across the West Midlands, I must ensure my tasks are organised efficiently in order of priority to maintain an excellent level of service to meet client expectations.

Can you provide examples of what kind of mistakes you most commonly come across?
The most common mistake I encounter is the deviation from a design by a Contractor which can generally lead to additional unexpected non-compliance issues. Using experience and knowledge of the Building Regulations and by providing early advice on potential issues ensures the build satisfies the requirements, minimising the impact they may have on the cost and duration of the construction works.

How do you ensure that you are adding value?
Through effective communication I aim to provide a high level of service to all clients whether this is a Homeowner, Designer or Contractor. Understanding the demands in construction projects, I take an efficient approach to reduce inconveniences where possible as well as providing cost effective options to achieving compliance.

What do you enjoy most about this role?
I enjoy the diversity of the job role with everyday bringing new challenges and experiences. Having involvement with a construction project from start to finish and seeing the end result provides me with satisfaction knowing I have assisted the client in achieving their vision.