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As part of the reformed Building Safety Regulatory system, the Government is to establish a new, national Building Safety Regulator which will have responsibility for implementing and enforcing a more stringent Regulatory Regime for Buildings in Scope.

The Government is removing the ability of Clients/duty-holders to choose which Building Control Body oversees the construction or refurbishment of Buildings in Scope and extra responsibilities are required to satisfy the new regulator.

In response of this change, we have successfully launched our Specialist Projects and Consultancy Services team to complement our existing Building Control services to support duty-holders with their new responsibilities due to the regulatory changes.


Specialist Projects Building Control Service

Our Specialist Projects and Consultancy Services team can provide from immediate effect, Building Regulations and Inspection support to duty-holders (Investors, Developers, Constructors, Fire Engineers, Project Managers, Architects and Landlords) for Specialist Projects with expert advice on Building Regulations that satisfy new Building Safety Regulatory changes.

Our Special Projects and Consultancy team have many years’ experience providing Building Control Approved Inspector Plan Checking and Site Inspection services across England and Wales typically through RIBA Stages 4-5 on innovative and complex schemes such as:

  • MOD, Crown, and Government buildings
  • Mixed use developments
  • High rise towers
  • Innovative modern construction and off-site construction
  • Multiple basement levels
  • Museums
  • Historical buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Schools

We can work closely with the design and construction team including Fire Engineers and local Fire Authorities to help ensure risk reduction and compliant fire safety designs.


Consultancy Service

As a result of the Grenfell tragedy, Fire Compliance Legislation and service delivery is undergoing significant change as the Government drives through rapid reform. As industry experts, we both inform and align with these changes. This enables us to provide our customers with up to date Guidance on new Fire Safety measures and helps future proof projects.

With the launch of our Specialist Projects and Consultancy Services, we are able to offer the following;

  • Pre-application advice and early design team engagement
  • Fire strategy analysis on complex projects
  • Specialist in High Rise Residential Buildings
  • Training provider on Building Regulations
  • Advisor on new legislation for Duty Holders and HRRB’s
  • Consultancy Services for MOD and Crown Estate


If you would like to discuss your project needs including how we can provide Group services, please contact our experts Dave Allen on 0207 101 4637.

Please watch a recent webinar presented by Dave Allen detailing how to be one step ahead with Building Regulations: